about us

Being a leader of Digital Enablement means bringing together people, processes and technology in order to deliver quality service to customers.

At Cross Stream, we believe that people are the fundamental drivers of change and that business value should be leveraged of existing human capital and digital power. We are a proudly South African company that thrives on building strong relationships with our clients so that we can deliver exceptional service that cater directly to their needs.

In order to deliver the best and place quality above all, Cross Steam is empowered with a great number of reputable partners and products which all contribute to adding value to our clients.


our expertise

Cross Stream comes with over 20 years of expertise. The business challenge solutions we provide, are created from all perspectives possible – ensuring a bulletproof vest for our clients’ that adapts to every leap in the evolution of the information technology and business landscape.

No client takes priority over another, and we are committed to not only meeting their ICT needs as their business grows but driving this growth in every way we can.

We also believe that we have an advantage by being in the technological sphere, the sphere that is growing and has more influence than any other; it is for this reason that we use this podium to demonstrate societal change and the empowerment of all people.

our Partners

We, as all businesses do, lie in various ecosystems, allowing us to create sustainable relationships with co-existing companies and customers from numerous fields, obtaining, exchanging and integrating valuable skills and insights for the growth of our company, and using relevant information in each business strategy and solution, ensuring a sustainable growth of our customers’ companies.

Cross Stream partners with leading digital transformation companies to bring cutting-edge solutions to our clients’ business challenges.