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Cross Stream has partnered with Neptune Software!

The partnership is strategic and beneficial to both partners and respective clients as Neptune DXP platform has proven to possess a strong ability to easily integrate between multiple ERP systems (SAP and others) and, the Neptune DXP platform is an all-in-one easy app development toolkit.

If you are looking for a seamless way to connect SAP with your 3rd party systems then Neptune is the answer.

Neptune is a low code solutions oriented platform that provides your users a single point access for your enterprise resources in one single UI and UX.

It enables enterprises to provide a uniform frontend to a fragmented backend infrastructure. A simplified layer on top of all your systems (ERP, HR, CMS, Legacy, others.)

Neptune contains powerful tools which simplifies the work for you (API designer which connects all your backend for the consumption of Data)

Frontend applications and workflows can be designed using drag and drop functions, and can be ran on any device.

Infrastructure required is very simple and flexible where hosting is a decision you can make with no concerns as it can be done on cloud or on premise.

All this means limited resource consumption, most affordable price and accelerated productivity in a short period of time.

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Short video on seamless Neptune Systems Integration

In the fast phased world where innovation is a necessity, system integration is no longer a luxury but a necessary for improved productivity and clarity.

Let Neptune give you the holistic integration and view of all your systems, giving you time back for revenue generating activities.

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